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Resurrection of a
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The Lighter Side of Transformation
 ISSUE 22       DECEMBER 2012

From the desk of  
Lisa Wessan LICSW, RM, CLL

Dear Ones,

I take a stand for you to have more joy in your journey in 2013, to bravely experiment with a new multimodal approach -- plus better levels of nutrition, exercise, meditation and tools galore -- to support your unique transformation process.

To the best of my ability, I will engage, empower and coach you to discover and use your favorite best practices. Your personal and professional ascension process has already begun!

As you progress, you will ultimately turn your defeats into victories and your scars into stars. Someday, hopefully soon, you will come to see that everything that happened to you, happened for you, all for the good.


May this holiday season bring you closer
to your Light,


Lisa Wessan



Contest continues for best definition of GLEE
(deadline is Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013).





The Fox television program, GLEE, has given this word a whole new spin.   Singing and dancing is certainly a good way to bring out some instant joy or emotional release.  Watching teenagers come of age and work through their complicated gender, social and creative issues is exciting and inspiring.  Yes, the GLEE show is a home run.


 As seen on recent episode of GLEE,
 "Swan Song"  (Air Date: 12/6/12)


I'm curious -- what gives you the feeling of glee?  How do you get your "gleek" on?  Post your thoughts, in 50 words or less, at  The winning entry will be featured in my March newsletter and will get two free passes to any of my decluttering or laughter programs in 2013 that are hosted by me (deadline for submission is February 14, 2013).



Longevity news…

Centenarians who rock!

Bella "Bel" Kaufman (born May 10, 1911) is an American teacher and author, best known for writing the 1965 bestselling novel Up the Down Staircase.


"I've lived a long time, a very long time, 101 years, and I'm still here. I'm done with the doubts and struggles and insecurities of youth. I'm finished with loss and guilt and regret. I'm very old, and nothing is expected of me. Now, provided good health continues, I can do what I want. I can write my memoirs. I can edit my works for future eBooks. I can even do nothing -- what a luxury that is! I have new priorities and a new appreciation of time. I enjoy my family more than ever, and also a sunny day and a comfortable bed. I keep up my interest in books and theater and people, and when I'm tired, I rest.... I had many problems and disasters in my life; fortunately at my age, I don't remember what they were. I'm glad I am 101."

-       Bel Kaufman

Declutter Your Mind, Home & Office:
Creating a Space for Grace

The Creating A Space For Grace program is a spiritual, non-denominational approach to healing your clutter issue. Clutterers and hoarders can find help here with tips, tools and action plans.  The group will support you in your daily and fortnightly commitments to clean up your space.

For further information, please call or visit the web site.

[It is possible your insurance carrier will reimburse you for these fees.]

Let Go & Lighten UP:
Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Let Go & Lighten UP is for laughter lovers, and people who want to learn how to incorporate more humor and laughter into their lives.  You will learn how to embrace your paradoxes and absurdities, instead of being a victim of them.  You will experience all the shades and nuances of laughter yoga, laughter meditation and laughter therapy, brought to you by a certified laughter therapist.   (No yoga mats needed, wear comfortable clothes and bring water.)

Your Sacred Sexuality

Your Sacred Sexuality is for women who are challenged by unfulfilling relationships.

Curious for more…there are VIDEO CLIPS...

Here is small chart with a few favorite interviews, lectures and moments. Click here for  VIDEO CLIPS

Save the date...January 31, 2013.

The Lighter Side of Transformation will be taping on January 31 in Chelmsford from 11:30 - 1:30 PM (guests to be announced). If you would like an invitation to the studio audience, please send an email and in the subject write "STUDIO AUDIENCE INVITATION. "  You will receive directions and instructions via email.


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